Born Outdoors is addicted to snow geese. When we are not chasing them, we are dreaming about them, working on decoys, scouting new areas, and editing film. We chase the migration during the conservation season and strive to stay on top of the birds. Contact us to discuss your next spring hunt.

Most may think God made snow geese white to blend in to the tundra. My theory is that He has a sense of humor so he made them the color of cocaine. Addiction is the only explanation

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our customers with a first class experience. We understand that the birds will not aways cooperate , but the company, the experience, and the breakfast are second to none.

Our Setup

We hunt over 1800 decoys comprised of full bodies, socks, and the brand new White Rock collapsable full bodies. we welcome groups up to 7 people.

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book your hunt


We are currently booking hunts for NE Kansas from February 25 through March 13.


We hunt NE Kansas and have lodging available on the field, or hotels located within 20 minutes.


You and up to 7 of your friends. If you do not have a full field we may fill it. Rates are $185 per hunter/day. $120 for children 16 and under.